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Association Marketing Enterprises, Inc. (AME Benefits) is an Atlanta based company that was founded in 1985 by the CEO and President, Eddy Paul. Mr. Paul has 26 years of experience in the industry and is recognized throughout as a leading expert in benefit design, marketing, and administration of consumer discount benefit packages, as well as a consultant for many national companies. With the combined experience of Mr. Paul, and the Executive Vice President for the past fourteen years, Scott Paul, many national companies, including several in the same industry, look to them to serve as consultants.

The main objective of AME Benefits is to create and provide services and benefits that will enhance your business, as well as provide profit centers. Businesses today want to be unique and offer innovative programs to keep their current members, as well as build a strong future for potential members. AME Benefits can help you achieve this goal by creating a customized program that is comprehensive to your needs. AME Benefits is the leader in the consumer discount benefit industry today, and can present to you a variety of successful programs we developed over the years. Our benefits are provided only on a wholesale cost basis. To suit the clients' specific needs, AME Benefits private labels each benefit program. Because of our interface with both the client and the vendor, we are proudly able to provide these benefits at the lowest wholesale cost in the country. AME Benefits has the necessary credentials to successfully assist you in developing a Consumer Card Program, which is reflected by the membership that we currently service of over 12 million members.

Our Mission

Association Marketing Enterprises, INC. is committed to being the premier administrator of consumer discount products and services. We accomplish this through innovative, administrative, distribution methods, and by meeting consumers' needs in a way that provides unparalleled levels of convenience, service, and quality. By dedicating ourselves to these ideals, we provide tangible value for the companies and organizations that partner with us while enhancing their product and creating meaningful profit centers.

"AME's responsiveness, flexibility and superior service have turned past expenses into current revenues. Their insight, dedication and proactive attitude have helped us think ahead of the marketplace and achieve exceptional results for our clients and our company."

-C Hamway
Senior Vice President of Strategic Development
Progeny Marketing Innovations

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