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The cornerstone of AME’s programs is the delivery of quality administration with substantial savings and strong customer service support, coupled with high quality benefits. We are the most comprehensive, full service discount package available through one Administrator. We customize our services, procedures, and data interfaces to accommodate each customer’s unique and individual needs. We provide clients with the necessary tools and guidance to offer an innovative package of consumer discount programs to retain members while assisting them in taking a leadership role in the marketplace.

The goal of AME is to significantly reduce costs by utilizing preferred providers, thereby ensuring the highest quality of care at the lowest possible cost. With benefit costs escalating on a daily basis, there is a demand for a system that delivers these products and services while offering the consumer a simple method to lower these costs. Our package was created to fill the void by becoming the single source for all discount dental, vision, pharmacy, chiropractic, vitamins, hearing aid needs, and much more.

To date we have saved our members over 300 million dollars on their healthcare costs.

Data Management:

Provider data: AME receives monthly updates of the participating providers from each vendor. AME then combines all the data into one file in a standard format that will include the participating providers name, address and city, state, zip code, and phone number, provider ID number and type of provider. This data allows the client to have the most up to date provider list for member referrals and for fulfillment materials. AME also has a provider locator on our website with mapping that our clients can use as a link with a customized frame.

Usual and Customary Claims Report: This is captured through our on-line system every time a member utilizes their prescription card at a participating provider. This allows us to track the usage of the benefit by the members and the type of savings they are receiving. This electronic data file will include the member name, member ID number, the pharmacy name where services were rendered, prescription purchased, drug strength, quantity, whether prescription was brand or generic, the amount of savings received by the member on their prescription, the regular price for prescription, the price paid, and the date of service. This data can be formed into customized reports and used as powerful marketing tools, and even given as feedback to the member so they realize the value of the program and actual savings received. AME not only has the current data on hand, but we also have an archive of several years of data which allows us to share trends in the marketplace and allows us to assist you in your marketing efforts.

Customer Service Support

Customer Issue Resolution and Triage: Customer issues are addressed through a resolution and triage process. The process is as follows:

  • AME receives standardized Customer Resolution forms from each client business unit.
  • AME will receive notification from client regarding escalated issues (on behalf of all business units).
  • AME will provide, in writing via fax, notification of receipt of issue resolution forms with a status update or solution (where applicable) within 48 hours of receipt of forms from client.
  • If AME receives a complaint directly from a customer, the client will be notified within 24 hours of receipt of complaint.
  • AME will provide to the business unit submitting the resolution request weekly updates to unresolved issues until resolution occurs (in writing via fax).
  • AME will provide monthly data on all resolution requests by retail partner, including the date that it was received by the client, the resolution date, the membership identification number, the provider network with whom the customer had the issue, and the outcome.

Custom Benefit Design

AME offers truly flexible program options. Our clients may opt for an entirely “turn-key” operation, or to “pick and choose” the services they need - from initial marketing, to administration, fulfillment, retention, and customer service. This allows our clients to be as involved with their program as they want to be. Our flexibility is especially attractive to clients looking to create “private label” programs. With a private label program, clients enjoy having their own health benefit program, while AME handles all the administrative and customer service responsibilities.

Member Service

AME maintains a single member service hotline for all programs. Within seconds, members can reach a live Customer Service Representative to handle any inquiry. AME is a company with its feet firmly planted in customer service through our online access to member utilization. Our Member Services Representatives are the most experienced, best-trained professionals in the industry, and are available to service your members directly Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm EST. Plus, each Member Services Representatives is empowered to solve problems quickly, and to do whatever it takes to ensure that every member is 100% satisfied before hanging up. We want to provide members with the same courtesy and respect we would wish to receive for ourselves, to be aware of their needs, and to guarantee that our service standards anticipate those needs.

Client Service

Every AME client works with one Account manager who is dedicated to their business. This includes consistent communication and commitment to our clients unique needs. In one quick phone call, clients can get answers about any aspect or issue involving their program. We have found out that this “single point of contact” saves our clients a tremendous amount of time and makes everyone’s life much easier. AME prides themselves on the relationships that they have developed over the years with the clients that they service.

Membership Fulfillment

Using the latest in technology platforms, our systems were specially designed to meet the needs of our clients and our members. New members receive fulfillment packages that include provider listings, important information regarding their plan as well as program updates within 72 hours via traditional mail – or they can receive program and provider information instantly via the Internet. In their fulfillment packages, members also receive their membership identification card that is designed to suit the program. Standard membership cards are available in multiple colors and styles, and special orders are available for pre-paid orders of 1,000 or more. As network manager, AME has better control over the quality of the services and products we offer, and can private label and custom tailor the membership information kit for your organizations members.

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